Elementary OS Luna Beta 2 Released

rpi 1

Almost all of the desktops and laptops at Code Yellow are running Elementary OS and today Beta 2 of this operating system has been released. Some of our machines are running daily updates so in a sense they already were up to date to the latest version. Read more about the new beta on the Elementary home.

And of course a linux classic (from XKCD ):


Raspberry Pi prototyping development

At Code Yellow we use the Raspberry Pi for quick prototyping. The Debian based Raspbian image, available at the Raspberry Pi Download section is easy to use and little extra knowledge of Linux is required. The device is mainly used to build fully working prototypes with other hardware, in order to simulate and test the concept of embedded hardware which interacts with our web applications. USB support is excellent and with the power of Python we are able to develop quickly some concepts.

The ideal development image

To take full advantage of the Proxmox development servers we decided to make a fresh development image with all settings preset, so when you start a project, you only have to load a fresh image into a Virtual Private Server and go off developing great things. In this post we would like to share with you the default settings and configuration of the setup: Ubuntu server 12.04 (minimalistic install) MySQL DVCS: Mercurial and Git PHP 5.

New development and test environment installed

Today some new servers arrived at Code Yellow HQ! The boxes were obsolete at a data center of one of our customers so we got 4 nice pieces of hardware to set up a new development environment. The new development environment consists of 4 dedicated boxes, all loaded into a Proxmox cluster. For easy deployment we use a development image of Ubuntu server 12.04 with some tweaks. For each project it is easy to setup a new VPS, load the code from our repositories hosted at Bitbucket and get on with developing and testing.